Our Experience

Trey Blundell - Founder/Owner

Trey has almost 30 years experience in the IT industry ranging from very large 1000+ node networks to those run by small business.   He has worked in and managed departments such as:  desktop support, server operations and network operations; as well as managing all of the IT operations for an entity with almost 5000 employees and 100+ branch offices.

Trey also has significant experience in database management and software development, with a current focus on cloud-based applications.

Trey focuses primarily on businesses that have a headcount of around 100 or less, as he enjoys being able to solve problems and there is inherently less red tape and bureaucracy in these smaller organizations.    😉

Trey also owns another business that provides VoIP/Hosted PBX services to the SMB market.  As the owner of two businesses, Trey brings an understanding of the daily challenges of running a business and works with his clients to take a 'systems' approach to their operations and utilize technology where it makes sense.    He does not believe in 'one size fits all' solutions, but instead focuses on a system of analysis - problem identification - problem resolution.  This approach tends to best align technology into the business so solve problems, increase efficiency and expand margins.


Our Philosophy

Our goal is to save money for every client by educating them on their options for various business and technology products and services in an unbiased manner.   We focus on asking the right questions of the customer and listening to their answers so that we can determine their needs and develop the best solutions for them.

For most general business needs/problems, we have a short list of preferred vendors (hardware/software/services) that we have done business with for 10+ years.  We are not only confident in their capabilities, but in most cases we are also a customer of theirs for our own business needs.

We look for hardware, software and service vendors that operate in a transparent manner - clearly defined/explained information about what they offer, how they support it and what they charge - we don't like unexpected surprises for us or our client.