IT Consulting & Implementation


It all starts with asking the right questions to find the best solutions. 

IT planning and strategy is a major component for every client relationship.  We work with you to create a plan for today, tomorrow and the comings years so that there are no surprises.  Then we revisit your long-term plan each year to make sure we’re keeping the big picture in view and making adjustments where they are needed.

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Network Optimization


As businesses continue to increase their usage of cloud services, they must also continually assess the capabilities and speed of both their local network and internet bandwidth in order to the guarantee a high-quality user experience.

Our partnerships with data carriers allow us to shop around for the broadband service and speed that meet your business needs at the most competitive price.

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Credit Card Fees as Low as 1.7 %


We are generally able to reduce our client's credit card rates by a significant percentage.  Our merchant processing partner offers interchange-plus pricing, which is the fairest pricing model in the industry, with flat and fixed margins, so you always get a fair deal.

  • Posted pricing & terms and full-disclosure on policies.
  • Low & fair fixed rate pricing.
  • No long-term contract.
  • Further reduced rates for non-profits.

Read more about interchange-plus pricing and some of our client success stories.

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Managed IT Services


We specialize in managing technology for small to mid-sized businesses that lack dedicated IT staff.  We can manage, maintain and support your IT infrastructure - as little or as much as you require - allowing you to focus on running your business.


We pro-actively maintain the technology environment in order to minimize costly downtime.  We also utilize remote support technology to provide the most timely and cost-effective support to our clients.

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Phone System and Circuit Savings


Voice Over IP, SIP, PRI, Trunk lines...

Telephone terminology can be confusing - and the wrong choice can be costly.   Our partnerships with telephone carriers allow us to provide the right solution for your business, while saving you money each month.

We can install a Voice over IP (VOIP) solution that gives you the same features as corporate businesses - and usually for less than your current phone costs.

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Website Development


We engineer web solutions that range from simple one-page informational sites to the complex sites that solve business problems and increase efficiency and/or profit. Our website solutions are designed using WordPress as the foundation to keep costs down and also provide a highly flexible and scaleable environment for growth.

From conception to creation, we work with your business to determine what problems your website will help solve and then work together with you to bring your ideas to life.

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