I already have card readers – am I going to need new equipment?

It depends.   If your current card readers don’t have an EMV slot in the front, then they will absolutely have to be replaced.   If you have a newer card reader with an EMV chip slot, it is often still unable to process EMV cards without software upgrades and security upgrades.   Some merchant providers have also developed proprietary systems that prevent the readers from being upgraded or working with another merchant processor.    In these cases, you will need new equipment should you decide to move to our merchant processor partner.

If you do end up needing new equipment – the savings realized with our merchant processing partner will offset the cost of this new equipment over a short time period.    For smaller businesses with limited cash flow, our MP partner can also provide 0% financing for 90 days.   This allows these smaller businesses to split the cost of equipment over this time period and allow their processing savings to pay for the equipment and defer any out-of-pocket expenses.


POS Systems

Can you work with existing POS systems?

We can typically work with any existing POS system – but there are a small number of POS companies that charge a large ‘changeover’ fee to make the small number of backend system changes necessary for your existing POS to work with our merchant processing partner.   This is usually because these POS vendors are compensated by your current merchant processor and the POS vendor doesn’t want you to make a switch and lose any revenue.   The biggest offenders that are typically seen are NCR, Aloha and Dinerware.

I don’t have a POS system, but am interested in one – can you help us?

Yes – we can recommend a POS for you based on your business needs.   For smaller businesses, ShopKeep is a great solution that is also economical.